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Dog Poop Pick Up Specialists

Too pooped to scoop?
We do the dirty work so you don't have to!

You're a proud pet owner. You go above and beyond to provide the best life for your dogs. But there's one thing you hate about owning a dog. It's cleaning up dog poop.

When surveyed, 90% of pet owners said they HATE cleaning up after the dog. And with good reason. It's just plain disgusting.

So what's a pet owner to do?

There are really only three options:

  • One, ignore the problem and hope that Mother Nature takes care of it
  • Two, clean it up yourself and sacrifice your free time on an unpleasant household chore
  • Three, hire a professional service like PetCorps and see for yourself how freeing it is to get a clean yard without all the hard work

The process is simple.

We come to your home, walk through your yard, collect the waste, and haul it away for safe disposal.

You decide how often you want it done. Once a Week service is recommended for most households but we can also clean your yard Once Every other Week or Twice a Week, depending on your specific needs.

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